Let Love and Kindness
Be Our Roadmap. 

“ As we head out of this pandemic, we have a chance to do something extraordinary. We can change the world and create a world of love where we are kind to each other; A world were we are kind no matter our class, race, sexual orientation, religion or job;

Johnny Corn

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Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund Donates 5,000 Hand Sanitizers to NORTHWELL HEALTH.

New York’s largest private employer and health care provider, with 23 hospitals and over 700 outpatient facilities.

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Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund is a Global Initiative launched by Bervann Foundation to Rally Celebrities, Investors and Companies to Defeat the Coronavirus and Help Businesses Adapt to the post pandemic era.

We are All in this Together.

- Distribution of Medical and Personal Protective Equipment to Hospitals and Care centers in the US, Italy and Africa;

- Distribution of Non-Medical Cloth Masks and Hand Sanitizers to Civilians to Beat the Second Wave of infections in the US;

- Strategic Support and Funding to Small Businesses, Freelancers and Independent Contractors critically affected by COVID-19 in the US and Africa. 

Bervann COVID-19 
Online Charity GALA

With the Government of South Korea
April 30, 2020

Standing with Florence, Milan, Rome and Sicily

Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund Provides Financial Assistance to ITALY through ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation.

May 2020


Bervann COVID-19 Online Charity GALA

With ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation
May 30, 2020

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Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund Donates 5,000 Hand Sanitizers to THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN.

Total Confirmed Cases 72,502
Total COVID-19 Deaths 6,108


Stop COVID-19 in Florida & Arizona. 

Coming Together Through The Power of Music to Support Healthcare Workers in Arizona and Florida in their fight against COVID-19.

We Stand with Miami and Phoenix. 
Over 400,000 Cases surge in Florida; North of 140,000 cases in Arizona.

We, in New York, went through the deadliest chaos in the country, we have lost more than most cities and are still trying to recover as we take progressive steps toward an active return to operations. So we value the support that others gave us in time of critical need and aim to be there for them now that they need us the most.

On Friday July 31, Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund Donates PPE to the States of Florida and Arizona to help fight the recent surge of Coronavirus. 

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Bervann COVID-19 Relief Fund Repurposed Thailand's Factory to Produce PPE. 

Saving 43 locals jobs, BCRF rescued a Manufacturing Facility in Bangkok and repurposed it to produce Protective Masks for American Civilians.


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