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3rd Edition
Wednesday October 21, 2020
1pm - 4pm EST
Virtual Event.

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Dr. Wafaa Sbeiti
Investor, US Public Markets

Associate Professor of Finance
American University of Kuwait

News Anchor
Kuwait TV Channel 2

Val Nzhie
Chief Investment Officer, Bervann

Head of Global Operations
Bervann Health

Bervann Global Investors Forum

Spotlight on Kuwait;
US Public Markets;
2021 Rebound Outlook.

* US Election's impact on the investment landscape 
Investors react to the surge of a second wave of COVID-19 in the US and the upcoming US Presidential Election;

* Education and Ed Tech 
Reopening schools in the US has been a disaster with spiked outbreaks across several states - Key investments to consider for a safer reopening in 2021;

* Hospitality, Travel and Tourism 
At the Crossroads of keeping citizens safe and averting the collapse of a Travel, Tourism and Hotel industry already on the brink of bankruptcy - Where can investors park their AUM;

* The Future of Healthcare post-pandemic
A western healthcare infrastructure exposed due to its lack of equipment and inventory to counter a major outbreak - Spotlight on Strategic investment trends;

* Media and Technology, The 2020 Winners
With a  consumption through the roof - 2 asset classes no investor can live without 1, going forward;

* Manufacturing | Made in USA
The comeback of a depleted manufacturing industry - After the long miseries experienced amid the pandemic, investors to pour substantial capital into domestic factories to build and produce locally.

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An intimate gathering of chief investment officers from high-net-worth families, private equity, venture capital and institutional investors to exchange on challenges looming over our industry and tackle the market's most attractive investment opportunities. 

Virtual Event
October 21, 2020

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Special Format:

* Fireside Chat;

* Interactive Open Session;

* One-on-One meetings;

Wednesday October 21, 2020
1pm - 4pm EST

Limited Partners and Direct Investors from:
Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, Russia,
Latin America and North America.

Fireside Chat

Interactive Open Session

One-on-One Meetings, Capital Introduction

One-on-One Meetings, Strategic Partnerships

Francisco Sanchez
Former Undersecretary
US Dpt. of Commerce

Metropolitan Club of New York
August 19, 2019


1pm - 4pm EST.

Middle East
Latin America
North America
Russia & Europe

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Surviving COVID-19

The US Federal budget deficit is projected to hit a record $3.3 trillion as huge government expenditures to fight the coronavirus and to prop up the economy have added more than $2 trillion to the federal ledger.

Japan, the world's 3rd largest economy shrank at annual rate of 27.8% in April-June 2020, the worst contraction on record since World War II. 

The UK is now officially in recession with its GDP falling to 2.2% between January and March 2020, and by 20.4% between April and June 2020. Time to strike on distressed assets?

The International Monetary Fund estimates the world's economy will shrink by 4.9% this year, making it the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

The European Central Bank agreed to a €1.25 trillion bailout of European banks;

The European Union agreed to a €750 billion bailout package for European states and corporations;

JP Morgan set aside nearly $11 billion for possible loan losses, reducing its profit by half;

Citigroup's net income was 73% lower than last year's because the bank set aside $7.9 billion to cover bad loans;

Wells Fargo reported a quarterly loss, its first since the financial crisis, as it put away nearly $10 billion for a wave of defaults;

With nearly $1 trillion of loss in equities amid the pandemic, Sovereign Funds and large institutional investors are hunting for the lowest valuations equities in foreign markets while increasing allocations in home markets to help their respective governments;

Private equity and Venture Capital started 2020 with more cash on hand than ever, with a record high dry powder rising to nearly $1.5 trillion as of June 30.

The surge of direct investments by High-net-worth families defies the odds. With over $10 trillion in assets, single and multi family offices are unprecedentedly active in deals once reserved to funds and institutionals.  

Overall, there is NO shortage of Capital; Investors want to be protected and take the minimum risks possible; Limited Partners push for Term Sheets with higher  investor protections and allocations into opportunities that can pass remote due diligence. 

Off the Record
investors insights:

- How we navigate through the pandemic;
- The hottest opportunities we see on the market;
- The types of valuations and terms we are chasing;
- How we see things playing out over 12-36 months.

Bervann announces a $500 million Investor Coalition for cross-border acquisitions in Healthcare, Media and Technology.

Media Update, August 2020

Investing in COVID-19 era, the Hard Shift.

How to mitigate risks and stay afloat? 

The end of Solo Hero era, Strategic co-investments gain momentum.

In stormy seasons, having friends is a MUST.

Vetting in the new normal.

Smart & Innovative Due Diligence Practices  in the current investment context.

Safety or Setup?

Is the positive short-term setting us up for a negative long-term?

Who will foot the bill?

In the back end of all these BIG stimulus and FAT Bailouts, who will end up paying? 

Where to invest NOW?

Direct investments and Asset Allocation. What are active investors saying?


The August 19 edition of Bervann Global Investors Forum was Keynoted by Cordt Huneke, member of the Brown-Forman Family, Owner of the JACK DANIEL'S whiskey. 

About Last Year's Edition

Over $5 trillion AUM under 1 roof, Exclusive Metropolitan Club of New York City.


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