Bervann Health is the Healthcare division of Bervann. 

We invest in Health Tech opportunities and Healthcare companies thriving to make the world a better place. 

We help health companies Go Global leveraging our extensive Rolodex.

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Through our Latest Venture in Medical Laboratory, we provide several Expedited Tests including COVID-19.

Physicians, Medical Practices, Companies and Organizations may contact us for Testing.

Modern Health-Evaluation Gateway

Bervann Health and SymptomSense launched MHEG, the world's Only Health Scanner using Artificial Intelligence to Detect the 4 most Critical Vitals recommended by the CDC in just 5 - 30 seconds, with 95 - 99% accuracy.

MHEG helps Governments and Businesses Reopen Safely and prevents Mass spreads of infections as well as high risks of exposure to viruses.

MHEG detects: 
* Heart Rate
* Respiration Rate
* Blood Oxygen Level
* External Body Temperature

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The Future of Health  investing.

2020 has changed the way we approach life, work and relationships. Every Government and Business around the world is seeking the smartest way to reopen in 2021 with a health component associated to their policies, services or products.

It's an interesting time for health investors and companies to narrow their focus around funding and building companies that focus on the core needs of the market.

Bervann Health welcomes:
* Health Tech and healthcare companies seeking to expand their business growth through our network;

* Health Tech and Healthcare investors seeking to co-invest with us in niche opportunities;

* Health Tech and healthcare companies or funds seeking to present their offerings to our investment committee or ecosystem of investors.

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We Bring Innovative Health Solutions and Products to Our Global Network.



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