~ Promote your Products or Services;
~ Acquire new Customers or Opportunities;
~ Find new Partnerships & Access new Markets;
~ Meet potential Investors to Fund your Business.  


Feb 23 - 25, 2021

American businesses are more than ever confronted with an alarming growth challenge:

Earlier this year, our team spoke with 82 investors, 14 fortune 500 executives, 8 service providers and 31 small and mid-size companies.

While 16% still find a decent value on thought leadership, 74% are mostly interested in finding ways to save or grow their business amid this challenging season.

Leila O'Connor, San Francisco

"I truly gathered a lot of information and knowledge from all these online events, but if I’m being honest, it’s been really hard to meet people and grow my business. I want to network with people directly and convert some of those meetings into tangible wins, otherwise how is my business going to survive?"

Jim Tarlton, Chicago

"As investors, we are always seeking to land the best deals and for that we need to explore a lot of leads. While thought leadership helps stay on top of market trends, I think we should focus more on connecting directly with other investors, entrepreneurs, businesses, fund managers, accelerators, bankers and brokers to generate more deal flow - in the end, that’s how we make money!"

Sophia Burke, New York

"Between our physical shops closed and the prolonged travel restrictions, our sales are hit pretty hard. We’re trying everything out there to be seen and have as much exposure wherever we can find people in our target lane. We don’t really have time to sit on computers and listen to a bunch of speakers, what we need is to meet people and showcase our products and services, that’s the only way we can land new customers and increase our sales to survive this storm, otherwise we’re done."

NOT a webinar, NOT a forum, NOT a conference.


Exclusively Dedicated to Networking & Growth Opportunities.

3-Day Virtual Networking and Growth Opportunity Event for US Businesses and Foreign Businesses seeking to do business in the United States.

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Who will Attend?

~ Services Providers
~ Investors, Investment Firms, Corporate Professionals
~ Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Artists, Nonprofits
~ Companies (Startup, Small, Mid-Size, Large)

A Multi-Industry Event.

Accounting & Finance
Blockchain & Bitcoin
Brokerage & Advisory
Consulting & Coaching
Digital Services
Environment & Climate Change
Family Offices
Fashion & Design
Food & Beverages
Gifts & Crafts
Healthcare & Health Tech
Hedge Funds
Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Investment Management
Logistics & Supply Chain
Manufacturing & Shipping
Advertising, Marketing & Sales
Media & Entertainment
Philanthropy & Nonprofit
Private Equity
Real Estate
Venture Capital

Feb 23 - 25, 2021

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100% of Ticket Proceeds Will be Donated to Charity and are Tax Deductible.  

3 Days of Networking and Private Meetings.

* Tuesday February 23, 2021 (12pm - 5pm EST)
* Wednesday February 24, 2021 (12pm - 5pm EST)
* Thursday February 25, 2021 (12pm - 5pm EST).

General Networking

This ticket allows you to join the 3-day event and initiate networking meetings with any interested attendee at the gathering. 

Targeted Networking

This ticket includes the benefits of the General Networking ticket. It also allows you to receive the list of attendees and select up to 10 guests for targeted meetings that we will arrange for you ahead of the gathering. Each meeting lasts 20 minutes.

Hold a 30-minute Private Presentation

This ticket includes the benefits of the General Networking and Target Networking tickets.

It also allows you to Give a 30-minute Presentation to an audience of 20 interested attendees. 

The US Business Week is Sponsored by BERVANN COVID-19 Relief Fund.

BCRF enters into the 3rd phase of its mission: 
Providing Strategic and Financial Support to Businesses affected by COVID-19.

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